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Twilight 2024

The eagerly awaited dates for Twilight Treasures are drawing near, and after extensive hard work and meticulous planning, our excitement knows no bounds! Stay tuned as we prepare to unveil additional details about these spectacular events. All children, friends, and family members of every age are warmly welcomed. We're counting down the days and can't wait to share unforgettable moments with you at Twilight Treasures!

See you there!



Discover the enchanting Twilight Treasures Artisan Market nestled in Griner Park, within the charming Cedar Valley Community in Mission.

Griner Park has been a beloved destination for locals, especially during the winter months, known for its tradition of sledding and winter games. Now, we're thrilled to extend the excitement to all year round! Please ensure to drive with caution as our location falls within a SCHOOL & PARK zone.

Find us at 32835 Janzen Ave, Mission, BC V2V 2T4, and embark on a journey of year-round fun in the heart of Cedar Valley!



Attending a market on a Thursday night can offer a unique and appealing experience compared to a Saturday. Here are some potential reasons to consider:

  1. Midweek Relaxation:

    • Thursday nights provide a midweek break, allowing you to unwind and enjoy a different atmosphere compared to the busier weekends.

  2. Exclusive Events or Offers:

    • Some markets host special events or exclusive offers specifically on Thursday nights to attract attendees during a less crowded time.

  3. Intimate Atmosphere:

    • Thursday nights often feature a more intimate and relaxed setting, providing a conducive environment for leisurely shopping, strolling, and socializing.

  4. Fresh Produce and Early Picks:

    • If the market focuses on fresh produce or unique handmade items, attending on Thursday may give you the opportunity to make early picks before the weekend rush.

  5. Support Local Businesses:

    • By attending on a Thursday, you may be contributing to supporting local businesses during a less busy time, helping them thrive throughout the week.

  6. Live Entertainment or Special Performances:

    • We schedule live entertainment or special performances on Thursday nights, enhancing the overall experience and making it a unique outing.

  7. Weekend Schedule Flexibility:

    • If your weekends are typically busy, attending a market on Thursday allows you to enjoy the market experience without conflicting with other weekend plans.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your personal preferences, schedule, and the specific offerings and events the market has on Thursday nights. It's worth exploring to see if the Thursday night market aligns with what you enjoy in a market experience.

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Join our growing community of vendors!

As we continually seek new additions, we extend a warm invitation for you to become a part of our marketplace. The excitement builds, and depending on your unique category and the current roster of vendors, we are genuinely looking forward to welcoming you with open arms

Don't miss out on this opportunity – we eagerly anticipate your participation!

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We are committed to ensuring you have the most delightful experience! Explore and discover the core values we cherish within our vibrant community.

Exciting Entertainment

Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

Delicious Offerings from Weekly Food Trucks

Diverse Vendor Selections

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Artisan Crafts



Come and be part of an experience that goes beyond the ordinary



Cedar Valley is experiencing dynamic growth, and at the heart of this flourishing community is Griner Park!

Discover the myriad offerings at Griner Park, including:

  • Invigorating Walking Trails

  • Convenient Access to Main Routes

  • a Corner Store

  • a Pump Track catering to toddlers and seasoned riders alike

  • a Play Ground

  • a Port-a-potty Facility

  • Expansive Green Spaces

  • a Picturesque Picnic Pavilion

Ample Parking is available at two convenient locations:

  • Adjacent to Albert McMahon Elementary

  • In the lower section of Cedar Valley Church!

Griner Park stands as a focal point, inviting you to experience the vibrant spirit of Cedar Valley.

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As an independent and privately owned entity, we operate without external funding. Our community's support is vital to us, and we're continually seeking assistance. Whether it's contributing directly to enhance our entertainment or supporting our advertising efforts, every contribution, no matter how small, makes a significant impact. Feel free to inform us of your needs, and we'll gladly reciprocate any support!


Positive reviews are always appreciated and contribute to our growth.

Should you have any suggestions or ways we can enhance your experience, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're committed to providing nothing but the best for our community. Share your thoughts with us via email at

Thank you for being part of our journey!

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